What to bring?

In the summer

  • sunscreen & sunglasses (either Day guest or Staying Over Night)

  • a hat (either Day guest or Staying Over Night)

  • 7 changes of clothes (laundry in town) A jacket for the cooler nights in the winter time = T-shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, sleep wear, Underwear, socks (amount depending on the days you stay over night

  • flip flops for the outside area when you stay over night, and to shower
  • sturdy shoes with good tread for hiking & dirt walking paths

  • MP3  player (for listening to meditations, music, or talks) Remember that your phones stays in the car and no Laptop or Tablet.

  • Don’t forget your medicines or Vitamins & Supplements

  • umbrella / raincoat – special in the Winter time, it could rain even in Texas

  • book to read (and we are happy if you leave your book for future guests)

  • notebook  for exercises, journaling, and notes during stay

  • bug spray 

  • ear plugs – in case someone snores

What NOT to Bring


Cell Phone: Your cell phone will stay in the car. No internet or Social media. Nothing is more important than YOUR time here with others, with Meditation and peace. Please remember to NOT take pictures. Privacy is important.

Pets: You can’t bring your pet

High heeled shoes or fancy clothes: There will be no need for fancy stuff.

“BACK TO THE ROOTS” is what create peace and happiness