Star Sign, Angel & Archangels

Born on the: …

The one is a binary number; each number can be divided. We are all ONE , so we ARE ALL. Pay attention to your thoughts and focus on yourself and focus on your desires instead of your fears.
..2 ..
Stick to your faith and trust. Your prayers, mantras, chanting  manifest themselves, even if you can not see.
..3 ..
The Ascended Masters are nearby. They have your prayers and want to help you.
..4 ..
The angels (and all other positive Spirits) are with you. Ask them to help you, guide you and feelings of love and security will be there.
..5 ..
This number is linked to change, transformation, transmutation and alchemy.
Something in your life is changing or is just about to change for the better.
..6 ..
The number 6 refers to all material things, such as possessions, themes which are related to the Planets, and concrete tangible things.
..7 ..

You are on the right track! Do your work well!
Financial wealth is yours.
… 9 …
To your divine task of life is that you are able to give others by your natural talents,
Passions and interests.
… 10 …
God, the Creators let you know things through thoughts, ideas, insights, or clarity. Look at everyone Messages you receive as positive.
… 11 ….

Pay attention to all the repetitive thoughts and ideas within you, as they are the answers to your prayers. In addition, this figure points to an extremely creative person
which should avoid addictive behavior.
… 12 …
Trust that mind through repetitive thoughts, ideas, and insights to you
who will guide you to improve something in your life or in the lives of others. allow
your positive affirmations, to show you the way.
..13 ….
This number  relates to the sacred female energy, the goddess, our intuitive side since the year 13 lunar cycles  Has.
… 14 ….
Angels help you realize your positive thoughts, affirmations and visualizations.
… 15 …
Change and make sure your thoughts are positive. Use affirmations, mantras and
Prayers to help you raise your thoughts and feelings above all negatives.
… 16 …
Your thoughts create your reality, so just keep positive thoughts and expectations
with regard to material things, and all your needs are fulfilled.
..17 ….
You are on the right track with your thoughts. You have good reason with regard to your
Plans and your way of optimism. This powerful and holy number represents
the Holy Trinity and the Pyramids.
… 18 …
Think only positive thoughts of fullness and prosperity, as your thoughts on this
… 19 …
Focus your mind on helping yourself and others, a healthier and more peaceful one
Life. Keep your positive and optimistic attitude to your divine

… 20 …
The Creator asks you to have faith. Even if you have the results of your prayers and
Actions can not yet be seen, trust that they will bear wonderful fruits.
…. 21 ….
Stick to your faith and stay positive! Use your affirmations to help.
… 22 …
Your deep conviction manifests miracles and wonderful new opportunities! Stay strong in your faith!
… 23 …
The exalted masters help you hold on to your faith and trust. you are
now at this moment with you and ready to help you if you ask them for their help.
… 24 …
The angels help you hold on to your faith and have courage. Believe in your angels and their desire to help you, and know that they have the power to do so.
… 25 …
Trust your life to change for the better. You and your loved ones will be
safe and protected while these changes take place.
… ..26 ….

Trust that all your worldly needs will be fulfilled now and in the future.
Leave any material worries to the angels, and follow the divine guidance that guides you
to become active.
… 27 …
Trust your way. You’re doing the right thing, so keep up.
… 28 …
Trust in the fullness of the universe. Keep going through and the desired prosperity becomes to manifest oneself.
… 29 …
Trust in yourself and in your divine life task. You are now qualified,
willing and prepared to help others!
… 30 …
God and the ascended masters are here to provide their aid

… 31 …
The risen masters help you, your thoughts on the power-giving level of love
and peace.