Sound Healing

“Before there was the WORD, there was Sound”. According to the research of some Anthropologist, Humans “HUM” before they devolved their language. SOUND is one of the most effective energy we have around us.

When we listen to Hard Rock music we can feel that our energy level rises up, and if we have to much of it, we could get even aggressive. When we listen to peaceful classic music we start relaxing. With the music of Mozart we can study better.

Sound is always there, in us and around us. Our Body IS sound. The flooding of our blood through our body makes sound. Our Heart beat we can hear loud and clear.

Just imaging your Body, Mind and Soul is surrounded all day long by maybe more than 90% of negative sounds. Sounds like Rushing Cars, negative words, Bad news on TV or Radio, aggressive Music,  Air planes, Trains, screaming kids on the street, People who yell at each other … and even Sounds you cant hear anymore with your ear because the vibrations are so high. (like the famous Dog whistle)

When is the last time you did not hear a Sound? NEVER.

Now imaging your Body as a See. You are mad out of water. Your body contains around 75% water, fluid. Do you remember what happen when you throw a stone into a lake? Yes, the stone creates circles. And does circles create circles.  A movement of circles. And when the circles riches the beach you think they stop. What if I would tell you that the monument of the circles movement the ground you stand on. That the vibration effect softly, so you cant feel it, your body.

Why? Because you are mad out of Water. Water will always react to the smallest vibration. Now see your self in a very comfy position, maybe laying down. Your eyes are closed and your body is ready to relax. And you hear special Music, plaid by special Singing bowls. A Sound which is very hard to describe. You must hear and feel to understand how amazing beautiful that SoundConcert will be.

I work with to kind of Sound Bowls. Planet Singing Bowls from Germany. Does Bowls are handcrafted in Himalayan Mountains. The sound is mathematically connected to Planets. The special Healing Sound will travel inside of your body. Just imaging that the sound travels in every single cell in your body and you will be Massaged from inside out. The Crystal bowls are made out of pure Crystal. This sound is strong and you can feel the vibration all around you.

Please, give yourself the time to experience this amazing unique experience ones in your lifetime. Or better, more often.

30 Minutes – $35 (+15 minutes After-Rest)

60 minutes – $60 (+ 15 minutes After-Rest)

I PROMISE YOU, you will relax and feel better.

(Energy Medicine. All Energy Medicine Treatments have one and Only One price. No confusion anymore.. you invest in time, in your time, in our time)
A healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki’s touch is soft and light and is considered the highest level of healing and balancing the human body. Reiki can have only positive results and is by far most relaxing . Reiki can help with depression, anxiety, anxiousness, irritability , physical or emotional pain and so much more.

30 Minutes – $35 (+15 minutes After-Rest)

60 minutes – $60 (+ 15 minutes After-Rest)
  • (ALL Veterans, Active Duty (Police, Fire Fighter,  Police, Nurses and Seniors over the age of 62 will receive a 10% discount. Prove needed) 


  • Sound Massage
  • Japanese Rollout
  • Chakra Work
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Guided Meditation

Every treatment that is labeled ENERGY MEDICINE will have the same time frame and price.