In my time as Holistic Coach (Energy Medicine Practitioner) i came to the realization that in some cases “Daily Life”of a clients destroy what we accomplished together. So I made the decision to build a great place where people can stay and get a more INTENSIVE treatment. There will be NO internet, NO cellphone… it is YOUR time to be here wit AURorA-Metaphysical Wisdom & Wellness Center, it is YOUR time on AURA-Land to UNWIND.

Being here on AURA-Land there is NOTHING more important than YOU and your wellbeing.

We offer a Bunk-bed-room where 3 Queen’s can feel very comfortable.


The Queen Room has a Queen-sized bed and host 1 person or You and YOUR BEST GIRL FRIEND.

QUEEN room for you and maybe your best girl friend?

The 2 quartos share a bath room which has anything you will need for your stay. There is an Outside toilet and a Outside shower so you dont have to stay in line 🙂

Every Over-Night-Guest will be welcomed with a welcome basket. Homemade soap, shower products, toothpaste, toothbrush, body-butter… things you will need daily.

Coziness brings people closer together and that is what the Dining./Living/Kitchen area does; creating a space of communication… And don’t forget to Relax in out hammocks outside your door! Even when it get colder, with a blanket it is just amazing being in the nature.

Relax in the Meditation area in a hammock

What should you bring:

  • Hiking boots or Cowboy boots (needed for the Meditation/Chakra Path) or even sneakers
  • Swimming suite
  • Flip Flops and sneakers
  • Comfy clothing for Yoga or just to relax
  • depending on the weather something to keep you warm at night
  • Sleeping stuff, underwear, socks,

Bathroom/ Toilets

The Guest area offers one share bathroom (second toilet is outside by the Sound House)

Please ONLY use the provided toilette paper and do not flash down anything else in the Toilets. We provide natural shower/wash products to help the nature to stay healthy. And also your skin, body. Please leave your chemical based shower, body products at home 🙂


Please keep your room clean. There will be no cleaning service provided at your stay. Everyone will show respect for each other by keeping the space clean. The place will be cleaned after you leave. Keep everything in your room in the cabinets until you need them. SIMPLIFY is a very magic world of living.


Please respect the nature and do not put trash on the ground. Like before RESPECT is shown by keeping everything clean.


Our animals are here to help you. To help you relax or in some cases to over come fear. You are invited to help brushing the horses and Donkey. You are more than welcome to snuggle with the cats and dogs. But do not feet them unless we provide the food.

Meditation/Chakra Path

This special Path is locked in the horse area. Meaning, that when you walk there and relax and find your inner self, it could be, that a horse or Donkey say HELLO. 🙂

Have joy to watch the pictures

You visit and like to stay over night? Participating on a Workshop, Seminar and getting to late to drive home? We provide guest area to stay.


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