The internet is full of information’s and courses of Reiki. I encourage you to look around for yourself,and find what fits your belief system. What I offer my friends here at my Sound House is FREE ReiKi training LEVEL !. Everyone should be able to do SelfTreatments with ReiKi, no matter where you come from, no matter if you could afford one of does expensive courses.

My Reiki Training is only for SelfTreatment purpose and there is no need for a ReiKi Certificate. My goal is that everyone can “Heal” themselves, doing ReiKi without having to come every day to me or spending a lot of money in other Reiki Places.

Please look at the calendar if you are intersected in ReiKi training, a day out here on the Ranch,meeting new friends,having fun, finding relaxation and answers.

I like to share this video because it explained with the right kind of energy what ReiKi is.