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 Self Healing through your Chakras

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… Wise Women in every town in Europe…old traditional ancient Wisdom …

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 Wisdom of the Wise Women as eBook/.PDF for only $7.99

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This was my first first little book. I had so much fun creating it, in attention to animate you the Reader to find back to your creative side. Creativity is an important part of your Sacral Chakra. Creativity connect us to the Diving force in and around us.

amazon_logo_RGBTRUST ION USARA, a interactive book for your imagination and the understanding of Healing within you.  

ReiKi the healing energy of this Multiverse. This book will support you in your daily ReiKi life.

A Workbook to get you deeper in tune with this wonderful energy.


Alzheimer, Lost on the Road of Life: what you should know Kindle Edition