How to get in Contact with me and where to find me :-)



My practice, office is located in Lampasas. I also offer travel with my mobile office where we can talk and do some coaching. Not all treatments are possible in my mobile office. You can contact me in different ways, what ever fits to you.

Almost all of my services can be in Person or per Skype. The perfect benefit of a Sound Massage would be in Person but in some special situation even over phone or Skype possible. Brain Wave Massage is ONLY in person possible. Hypnosis, Spiritual and traditional Coaching is possible in either way.  

Contat me via PM at Facebook @ per email to or per TEXT to 512.734.2724 (I always react to TEXT, Phone calls ONLY if you leave a message in case I dont answer. There wont be a phone call from me if you dont leave a message)