💜About Myself


Namaste & Welcome my BeLOVEd

There is no need for me to pretend or to hire/tell someone to write something about myself. You found to me because a person who as deep love to you send you to me. You are LOVEd and not alone. As you know by now this is not a business page or business at all. It is NOT my business to support others in need, I only support the once I feel deep concern and love for like does I call family and friends.  When you are on this side, for sure someone truly cares about you and that person knows me, is my friend. And that special friend we share cares so much about you, that she send you to me. Please feel comfy and safe to meet me and become a new friend so i hope.

For many years I was blind, fouled by society and the money making machine. Now I finally fallow my “Soul Call”‘ We all have a CALL we should follow to find pure happiness.And in some cases it just takes a little Detour to LISTEN.

Because I am not a business woman, not an Entrepreneur, not a person who is filing her bank account with money out of the pain and desperation of others. If you found to me, than because a conman friend of you and me send you to me. If you like to become my friend I am more than blessed to support you in any way I can. I don’t have clients, I don’t serve costumers, I ONLY support does I love including my friends.

Your Well-BEING has nothing to do for me with the size and thickness of your wallet or bank account. I leave that to does who tell you that they can heal you. I will promise you, that I AM NOT able to heal you. I also can promise you, that you will be very important tome, that I will support you with all my wisdom I collected in this life through education, training and from Past life’s experiences.

Come out, meet with me let’s see if we can become friends …

Here my little Life Lesson in form of education:

  • ’68 born with the 5 Gifts of our Creator
  • Active since the age of 15 with the “5 Gifts”
  • 1994 Study of the Bible
  • Since 2000 active in the field of Deep-Relaxation
  • 2000 became Mother of a beautiful and great son
  • Energy Worker including Healing stones
  • certified Hypnotist 2011
  • certified HynoCoach 2012
  • certified Hypnotherapist 2012
  • S.N.H.S Dip. (Hypnotherapist) 2012
  • certified Consulting Hypnotist 2012
  • certified Regression & Reincarnation HypnoAnalyst 2012
  • Reverend 2011
  • Reiki Master/Teacher Level VI
  • Singing Bowl Practitioner/Sound Massage 2012
  • honorable Ph.D in religious Studies 2014