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You will love the night’s out here

AURorA-Metaphysical Wisdom & Wellness Center

is located in the heart of Central Texas. Right there where the nature invite us to relax, finding harmony and peace. AURorA offers on AURA-Land Holistic vacation, Energy healing services and a space where you can unwind and heal. capture-20170827-085129.png

AURA-Land is a little Ranch which invite you with Love and encourage you to be creative and empower your individuality. Healing begins when you start feeling yourself again, when you find little things in live that make yourself happy. We encourage you to connect to the oldest therapist on earth, Mother Nature.



Relax and read a book.. IN the summer time we spend a lot of time and “secret” Waterfalls.

The Mission of AURorA-Metaphysical Wisdom & Wellness Center is to provide a space where we empower the “Goddess” (Female) energy. Providing simple and effective techniques to unwind, relax, connecting of Body-Mind & Soul and therefore find Self-Inner-Healing. A place where “Sister” come togehter, learn from each other, connect and maybe build relationships for a long long time. AURorA is committed to provide a safe nurturing space in order to bring a better health experience, happiness and well being into your life and does in her community around her.



Like Leo Tolstoy said once: “AS we live through thousands of dreams in our present life, so is our present life only one of many thousands of such lives which we enter from the other more real life and then return after death”.

AURorA’s vision is, that we all learn more about WHY wLeo-Tolstoy-Quotes-1e are here, WHERE do we come from, IS THERE MORE after dead, and WHO WE ARE in this life. When we learn to connect more to our inner self, LIFE can be BLESSING IN ANY WAY.

“Be Yourself & Be Better Than Yesterday” -AURorA



How to get in contact:

Via cell phone: TEXT 512.724.2724, when calling and no answer PLEASE leave a message

via email: auraland4u@gmail.com or transformationcoachaurora@gmail.com

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