Darkness & Light

Maybe what I am writing here is a little memory of your own.

Sometimes it seems easier to follow the darkness than staying with your heart and soul in the light of life.

To be a happy and honorable human takes energy to do so every day. You working on yourself, you do you best to be nice to others, lifting others up and support where ever you can. You do your best to be honest. Lying is the devils post stamp you would put onto your life. You wake up every day doing the best you can to be a remarkable person, being a positive effect in your family and society. You have the heart of an Tiger and you love others more than yourself. You put the happiness and wellbeing of others before your own. Yes, being in the light is hard work and it will challenge you with every single day.

Being in the darkens seems to be easier. You dont have to do a lot to be bad, mean, evil. You just dont have to do what people in the Light do. Just ignore the pain of others. Dont care about their happiness and wellbeing. Dont look when someone is calling for help. Just ignore any light coming through your windows and touching your heart and soul.

I myself often thought life would be much easier, pain in my heart and soul would go away being in the dark. If I just could close my eyes, to not see the pain around me. If I just could stop listening to the voices asking for support. If my soul could just be soulless to not feel what others feel. BUt han I waoul walk away from what the God(s) gave me, my Love for Others.


See, humans are predators in so many different ways. And being on the Lightside of life with all the good things you do and the honesty you live, you will be always a target for does living in the dark. Everyone once in the while like to close the window and refuse to see light, because of the attacks from outside.

But who really will challenge, attack, compromise a dark person? Who really like to put him/herself in harms way, knowing the dark will get back to you? No one truly will mess with the dark side of life. Just look around, you may know a person or two who are dark. Do you really wanna mess with htme, hurt htme? I dont think so.

But if you are in pain you will hurt the once you love most first. Because they are the only once who truly and deeply care about you. You need an reaction coming from them, to feel the feelings you are looking for.

Stay inside of your truth. Love yourself more than yesterday and learn to put your happiness first, so the darkenss will not take over.

AurorA Ute

(if my English puts a smile into your beautiful face, well that will make me happy)

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