Your thoughts & Water

We all ne to learn to understand
that our and the Thoughts & Intentions of others around us can alter the Physical World Around us

So it is right and important for you to stay away from anything what makes you upset, unhappy, makes you feel less as an person, gives you the feeling of being empty and lost. Its OK to tell friends, family members, lovers, children to understand or stay away (if possible)

Its more then OK, to attract the POSITIVE. Its more then OK to surround your self with happy people who give you positive energy and faith.
Its important to keep yourself, our home and your thought clean. cleanliness shows how you feel, how you look inside, what kind of thoughts you think. WHO you are (some will say but pure people don’t have the money to be clean. Well clean has nothing to do having money or not)
CLEAN- is a kind of respect for your self and for others.

All this belongs together to create POSITIVE ENERGY in – and around you.

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