Music and patients …

Music therapy
Music can have a powerful effect on the emotional, psychological and physical state of being, says Jonathan Scheick, the president and founder of the Mosaic Music Institute, a music therapy center inManasquan.
Listening to and playing music can help lower the heart rate and blood pressure and may assist immune system functioning, which can be quite beneficial to breast cancer patients who are experiencing the effects of chemotherapy, he says.
At the Mosaic Music Institute, clients sing, play simple instruments and write original songs. These activities provide them with an opportunity to connect to and express feelings and emotions that may be difficult to verbalize, Scheick says. For someone going through breast cancer treatments, expressing these emotions can be very cathartic.
Scheick has worked with individuals of various ages who were either beginning chemo treatments, are in remission or are coping with terminal cancer. Regardless of the stage of their illness, anyone can participate in music therapy, he says.
Music therapy allows individuals to engage at any level they can, even if it is just listening to the music being created, he says.
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