Rei.Ki and Cancer?

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: rei, which means spiritually guided, and ki, which means life force, or energy, Petropoulos says.

During reiki, the client often lays on a massage table, although the practice also can be performed standing or sitting. The practitioner guides her hands over the body or lightly touches the client in 12 key points, she says.

The hands are guided to where the person’s energy is,” Petropoulos says. “Sometimes there is a blockage of energy in the body and spirit and by gently placing the hands on the body it opens up that blockage and allows the energy to flow.”

Reiki can help breast cancer patients relax and cope with stress and anxiety, she adds. Those who try reiki often say they feel a shift in their emotions after a session, she says.

It is a bit spiritual. It is almost like prayer,” she says. “A client doesn’t necessarily have to believe it. They just need to relax and allow it to happen.”

…… Most alternative therapies are safe and can be beneficial for some breast cancer patients, says Laurie Kirstein, a breast surgical oncologist at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick……

..“There is typically no reason why most people can’t try a natural therapy as long as they continue their regular cancer treatments,” Kirstein says. “For some people, something like acupuncture or reiki really makes them feel proactive and feel like they are taking control of their health in someway.”…. 

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