The water bowl

There was once an old Chinese woman had two large bowls.  Both hung on the ends of a rod,  she wore over her shoulder.  One of the bowls had a crack, while the other was spotless and could capture a full portion of water.  At the end of the long walk from the river to the house of the old woman however, one of the bowls always was half full.

For two years, this was done daily. The old woman always brought only one and a half bowls of water home. The spotless bowl was proud of her performance.  But the poor bowl with the crack was ashamed because of their bad performance.

After 2 years of endless failure the bowl speaks to the woman. I am ashamed for my taint from the bottom of my heart. I always lose so much water. The old woman smiled and said: “Have you noticed the bloom on your side of the path wonderful flowers but not on the other side of the other bowl? I sowed on your side of the path, flower seeds, because I was aware of your imperfection. Now you water the flowers every day on our way home. Now I enjoy every day the beautiful flowers. If you were not exactly the way you are, this beauty would not exist and decorate our home.”

We are all like the broken bowl. All our mistakes make us to the special people who we are. UNIQUE WONDERFUL.

We should respect every person for what they are. For how they are.

To all the earthlings out there enjoy the beautiful fragrance of my flower 🙂