What Music has to do with Plants?

imagesCan plants actually have feelings? This was the conclusion of Cleve Backster back in the 1960s. He’s the former CIA interrogation specialist that connected polygraph sensors to plants and discovered that they reacted to harm (i.e. cutting their leaves) and even to harmful thoughts of humans in proximity to them. Backster decided on impulse to attach his polygraph electrodes to the now-famous dracaena in his office, then water the plant and see if the leaves responded. Finding that the plant indeed reacted to this event, he decided to see what would happen if he threatened it, and formed in his mind the idea of lighting a match to the leaf where the electrodes were attached. And that was when something happened that forever changed Baxter’s life and ours. For the plant didn’t wait for him to light the match. It reacted to his thoughts! the whole original article read here and here you can HEAR the SOUND of Roses and Trees. download I saw once in Italy LIVE how plants make music. I never heard something wonderful and beautiful in my life before…

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