We forgot

NamastèWe forgot, that our body is an universe of over 100 Billion Cells. Each cell is an memory chip, an on “Computer” which we can control with our thoughts.

When we have bad or sad thoughts we stat feeling like what we think.
When you have nice and happy thoughts you will start feeling happy. Even if this feeling is in your eyes in this moment untrue.

We forgot how this works to this positive, to talk nice to our self.
Talk nice to our self? YES. Look, our body is made out of over 75% of water. Water reacts on and with vibration. Water don`t care if the vibration is positive or negative. It will show reaction.
You don`t believe so? Then make a little experiment. When you take a bath, dive into the water.
And say a bad word under the water. You’ll see that the water starts to move.
Now swap back in and say a loving word. And also here the water is moving.
The water, and your subconscious mind makes no distinction between words. It records everything as what and how you say it.

Now think how many times you have bad thoughts on the day about yourself. How many times you say bad things TO yourself…many times.

If we can change the way we feel about our self,
If we can change the way what we believe about our self,
If we can change the past in our soul,
If we can change the feelings about situations….
in our subconscious mind
then we can learn be live a better life and be more happy and healthy again.
This is the way we was born:
Perfect in Love with our selfs.

This is my work field.
I will be on your side, in person, per SMS, per phone call, per Skyp or Email.
My duty in this life, in this universe is to help and support living beings.

How do I do that?
Many different techniques like Hypnosis, Holistic Energy Healing techniques, Sound Massages … but the most important tool is my heart, my ears, my eyes, my time.
My heart: to open up for you and your situation. To feel YOU.
My ears: to hear what you not speak, to sense what hurts you.
My eyes: to look at your soul.
My time: The most valuable thing I can share with you.

Be a guest in AURA Land and find the inner peace