💜Energy Medicine

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  • Reiki
  • Sound Massage
  • Brain Wave Massage
  • Coding
  • Japanese Magnetic Rollout
  • Chakra Work
(Energy Medicine. All Energy Medicine Treatments have one and Only One price. No confusion anymore.. you invest in time, in your time, in our time)

A healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki’s touch is soft and light and is considered the highest level of healing and balancing the human body. Reiki can have only positive results and is by far most relaxing . Reiki can help with depression, anxiety, anxiousness, irritability , physical or emotional pain and so much more.

30 Minutes – $35 (+15 minutes After-Rest)

60 minutes – $60 (+ 15 minutes After-Rest)

  • (ALL Veterans, Active Duty (Police, Fire Fighter,  Police, Nurses and Seniors over the age of 62 will receive a 10% discount. Prove needed)