🎵 Sound Bath

Today we will experience a BATH of SOUND.

Please bring your own Yoga mat, Pillow, Blanket. For this event e will laying on the Ground to be closer to Mother Earth. To feel healing and to heal the connecting to Mother Earth is most important.

Waterfall Water & HADO Water  will be served to bring your body to ‘SWING’

Maxi. Attendance: 10 👯 Goddess/Queens  /   Mini. Attendance: 6  👯 Goddess/ Queens                                                                                                (if not reached, 100% refund)

Deadline to sign up for this Event in the Nature is: DEC 19 at by 1pm.

Energy Exchange: $35*

Dates and Tickets: January 09  / February 22 / March 30

Accepted Payments: Square, Credit Card & Cash

Refund when paying Cash:
💲100% when payed in Cash and when canceled 48 hours before Appointment. *
💲50% when payed in Cash and when canceled 24 hours before appointment.*
💲30 % when payed in Cash and when canceled 12 hours before appointment*

Refund when paying using any electrical Payment system:
💲85% when canceled 48 hours before appointment*
💲45% when canceled before 24 hours*
💲25% when canceled before 12 hours*
​*Excluding TAX FEE

If you like to attend and pay Cash please call or TEXT 2547342724 for Drop Off Time