Namastë & Welcome at AURorA-Metaphysical Wisdom & Wellness Center. The goal is to motivate your Body, Mind & Soul to reconnect, find peace and Self-Healing. Everything provided on AURA-Land (AURorA-M.W.W.Center) has only one purpose: to support you in you spiritual & physical Wellbeing.

I like to invite you to find a little peace, a space to relax and learn more about yourself and universe you live in. My name is AURorA Ute. I am a certified Hypno Coach and trained/educated in other Energy Healing techniques.

I am AURorA and I am from Germany, living in Texas and building my dream. You may think my English is funny, and that is great 🙂 , because it puts a smile into your face. ANd your beautiful smile is the first step of Happiness & Healing. Let me invite you to experience that dream for your own benefit. 

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What we offer?

You will find a special place. Everything done on AURA-Land is done with love. Everything you see is there to comfort you, to relax you, to make you feel good at your stay.

As right now we offer:

  • ReiKi
  • Hypnosis
  • Sound Massages
  • Brain Wave Massages
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Reincarnation Coaching
  • Japanese Magnetic Rollout
  • Chakra Yoga for Beginners


As a visitor you come and enjoy the public part of AURA-Land. No need for treatments or staying over night.


As Client you come for your treatments and may stay a little longer outside to relax

Guest (Retreat)

A Guest stays between 2 night/1day. As a Guest you will have an intensive series of treatments to come faster and “deeper”to your goal


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