The Power of Your Thoughts

NEVER in your life underestimated the power of your thought. You become what every you think.If your think you CAN’T do something, IT will come true. If you BELIEVE(KNOWING) you can do it, IT will come true.

From the we are born we been teach, told we can do anything we want to. When we play as children we have our strength because of our unbelievable thought. In our play time we were Superheros saving the world We were free because the world was open to us.

All of this began to change when we start going to Kindergarten, Pre-school…. Now for some unknown reason our social field is telling us all the things we CAN’T do anymore. Slowly but surly we loss the power of our imagination. We loss whom we started to become.

In all does years our subconscious mind got blindfolded. All does years we fallowed the instructions and the believe system created by others FOR us.

NOW its time to take over. YOU ARE AMAZING in any way. YOUR BODY MIND and SOUL are in perfect health (no matter what others tell you, or what you try to tell yourself). See your subconscious mind has no clue if you tell the truth or not. It will take what ever you will tell yourself. SO why not “Lie” to yourself the best way you can to create what is needed: HEALING!


Self work, Self THOUGHTS move beyond visibly and invisibly walls.

Air / Luft


We are maybe more than 60% of our time in a room. At work, on the way to work in a car or bus, in our fitness studio,at our work. We are so disconnected from LIVE around us. We are not anymore surrounded by trees offering us the best air quality.

Is the air we breath in really something that helps us to stay healthy?

READ MORE ABOUT AIR HERE (not uploaded yet)

Ist dir bewusst, das du mehr als 60% deine Zeit in einem geschlossenen Raum verbringst? Zuhause, im Auto oder Bus, auf der Arbeit… Wir sind vollkommen entfernt vond er Natur, umgeben uns kaum noch mit Bauemen die uns mit frischem Sauerstoff versorgen. 

Wie gut ist die Luft die du taeglich einatmest? Atmest du denn och richtig?

LERNE MEHR UEBER LUFT (noch nicht hochgeladen)


Earth / Erde


We completely forgot the Healing effect of Mother Earth.

We eat foods coming from earth which are not CLEAN and healthy anymore because we humans put chemicals on it, GMO it…. living healthy in connecting with mother earth got so hard that it can overwhelm us many time in life.

LEARN MORE ABOUT EARTHing (page not uploaded yet)

Daily 20-30 minutes placing your bare feet on safe, clean, non toxic ground boost your immune system. 

Wir haben fast komplet vergessen wie gesund unsere Erde im Ursprung war und uns natuerliche Heilkreafte offen legte.

Durch unser ICH WILL MEHR UND BILLIGER Einstellung haben wir dafuer gesorgt, das die Erde ausgeraubt und versaeuscht wurde. Es ist fast unmoeglich gesund zu leben, unsere Heilung aus der Mutter Erde zu beziehen weil es in manchen Faellen ja fast schon als Gesetzlos gehandelt wird.


Watch this interesting story about Earthing/Grounding/Bare-footing



Sleep / Schlafen


It is not the amount of sleep we need, it is the quality of sleep. Sleeping deep, detoxifying when we sleep. Here you will learn more about the right kind of sleep.

LEARN MORE ABOUT SLEEPING (page not uploaded yet)

Schlafen wer tut das nicht gerne. Doch ist unser schlaf auchwohltuhend und heilend?

Es kommt nicht uaf die Quantitaet des Schlafes an, sondern auf die Quantitaet.

LERNE MEHR UEBER SCHLAFEN (Seite noch nciht hochgeladen)


Water / Wasser


We need CLEAN water to be alive.

We are made out of 70-75% of water. And do you really believe our water is CLEAN? Or the water you buy? We “try” to drink clean water but we cook and clean our bodies with the water coming our of the sink. Did you know that chemicals need ONLY 28 seconds to go through our skin into our organs?

Here just a some of the chemicals found in water: Chlorine. Fluorine compounds. Trihalomethanes (THMs) Salts of: arsenic. radium. aluminium. copper. lead. mercury. cadmium. barium. Hormones. Nitrates. Pesticides.


Du weisst bestimmt das unser Koerper aus ueber 70% Wasser besteht.

Und das wir Wasser brauchen um am Leben zu bleiben.

Und vielleicht kaufst du sogar “reines” Drinkwasser da du weisst, das unser Wasser aus der Leitung alles andere als gesund ist. Doch ist es wirklich rein und gesund? Und was ist mit Kochen und wennwir uns waschen? Was fuer Wasser benutztten wir dann? Genaus das aus der Leitung


I invite you to watch the videos by Dr. Emoto Masaru. He proved that water HAS MEMORY, and he shows how music,vibration, thoughts, words changes water.

Energy Medicine / Energie Medizin


Everything that exists has energy, vibration…even a stone is not dead material.

Here I like for you to step in a different world of wisdom.



Alles auf der Erde hat/is Energie, hat Vibrationen. Auch ein Steinis lebend auf einer mit den Augen nicht sichtbaren Ebene.

Ich moechte dir hier eine neue Welt des Wissens eroeffnen, doch vielleicht kennst duja schon einiges.