Traditional & Metaphysical

Did you lost your way… Are you feeling helpless or looking for some answers… Are you sick and need some positive, natural energy to fight the illness … or do you look for something Different to make you STICK out…. 

My wisdom and service combine techniques from both world: Traditional/Professional teachings and Holistic/Metaphysical Wisdom. 



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My Service for and to you. Here you will see WHAT I can do for YOU  in the moment you decided to work with me TOGETHER. 


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Who Am I?

Born in Germany I live my dreams in Texas. Let me tell a little about my certifications and training.


I started with holistic healing beauce of what happen to me. And being in treatments in SAW it DOES WORK. So of course, I diecided to learn and started with ReiKi. ReiKi is an ancient healing technique. And with the time I did learned other Techniques …


With all my studies I got aware of the DEEPer issues, and some of them based in Childhood or even in Past lifes. So I learn almost 13 years go the Reincarnation technique and become an Reincarnation Coach. And from there I found my live for Hypnosis. (different Certifications including a S.N.H.S Dip.(Hypnotherapy)

Today I hold different certification and Diploma in Hypnosis and in different techniques. 


Spiritual Life Coaching was an other field I studied including the studied of different Religion. So I became an ordinate Reverend and hold an Ph.D in religious studies. 

All in one I loveeeee education and love to pass my wisdom and training on to my students and clients.





Here are some things which could be supporting for you





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Das Wissen der Weisen Frauen


Bitte fuelle folgenden Abschnitt aus, um dein offizelles Zertifikat zu erhalten.

Sei Glueklich, Fuehle dich erfuehlt und LEBE

Deine AURorA Ute

Test Fragen: (Amtworte in dem vorgesehenem Feld)

1. Welches Gebet wuerdest du bei einer Warze anwenden?

2. Warum moechtes du Lebewesen helfen

3. Was liebst du an dir selbst am meisten?

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