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Do you feel like the person in the above Animated Picture?

Are you “stuck” in a station, life style, world of emotions and can’t move on? Are you aware that you can do better in Life, Wellness, Health, Work and still did not find the way which works BEST for you? 



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My Service for and to you. Here you will see WHAT I can do for YOU  in the moment you decided to work with me TOGETHER. 


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Who Am I?

Born in Germany I live my dreams in Texas. Let me tell a little about my certifications and training.


I started with holistic healing beauce of what happen to me. And being in treatments in SAW it DOES WORK. So of course, I diecided to learn and started with ReiKi. ReiKi is an ancient healing technique. And with the time I did learned other Techniques …


With all my studies I got aware of the DEEPer issues, and some of them based in Childhood or even in Past lifes. So I learn almost 13 years go the Reincarnation technique and become an Reincarnation Coach. And from there I found my live for Hypnosis. (different Certifications including a S.N.H.S Dip.(Hypnotherapy)

Today I hold different certification and Diploma in Hypnosis and in different techniques. 


Spiritual Life Coaching was an other field I studied including the studied of different Religion. So I became an ordinate Reverend and hold an Ph.D in religious studies. 

All in one I loveeeee education and love to pass my wisdom and training on to my students and clients.





Here are some things which could be supporting for you





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Das Wissen der Weisen Frauen


Bitte fuelle folgenden Abschnitt aus, um dein offizelles Zertifikat zu erhalten.

Sei Glueklich, Fuehle dich erfuehlt und LEBE

Deine AURorA Ute

Test Fragen: (Amtworte in dem vorgesehenem Feld)

1. Welches Gebet wuerdest du bei einer Warze anwenden?

2. Warum moechtes du Lebewesen helfen

3. Was liebst du an dir selbst am meisten?

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